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Thu, 16 Jun 2005
you know you're going nuts when...

Me, speaking to myself, just a second ago:

"That's some fucking ground right there. Damn, woman!"
I am layout

Yesterday Marius decided that today was the day that we'd finish all the layout reviews. All of them. Like twentysomething reviews.

A layout review takes between an hour and two hours, depending on the complexity of the block. If it's not a block you designed, it'll take longer, since you have to familiarize yourself with the design before trying to screw around with the layout. Mike is mired in the throes of a design review, so he's not doing any reviews. That leaves me, Marius, and Ion. At 8 blocks each, we're talking about 16 hours of straight layout goodness.

The work isn't quite going to get divvied up that way, though. So far today (since 10a; it's now about 5p) I've done 7 reviews. A good average, but several of them were quick ones. The big hurdles are yet to come, in the form of a few op-amps I didn't design (and one VERY simple one that I did—that review should take me half an hour, I'm going to start it as soon as I'm done writing this, and I'll reward myself at its completion with a break for dinner. Mmmmm... dinner...)

Tonight I'm going to dream very regular geometric shapes in green, yellow, blue, and red.

Wed, 15 Jun 2005
new tunes

Yesterday I finally grabbed (off the internet, not the shelf at BBY) the new Foo Fighters, Garbage, and System of a Down albums. I must say, all three are good, but In Your Honor (the Foo Fighters album) is certainly the best. I don't know if it gets the Petarman seal of approval, but it definitely gets a thumbs-up from me.

It's good to hear new tunes from Shirley et al., but Bleed Like Me isn't as strong as their self-titled or Version 2.0. Then again, I haven't given BLM all that much time to grow on me, and Garbage and V2.0 are both pretty high standards to begin with. One could argue that In Your Honor, which required no time to grow on me, must be better, but I don't necessarily buy it, since Beck's two most recent albums both took at least a couple listens to get me really going, and both are excellent, IMHO.

I haven't had a chance to listen to Mesmerize all that much yet, but judging by the single it's much weaker than Toxicity was. "BYOB" just doesn't compare to the likes of "Aerials," "Toxicity," or "Chop Suey!" (POWER CORD!!!).

Enough. If you know how, download them from positron.

Mon, 13 Jun 2005
debootstrap and knoppix

In the past I've been a vocal supporter of the debian-installer project; it's a much better installer than debian's previous attempts, and it lets you configure, among other things, md and/or LVM very nicely.

Now I've found a glaring weakness: it's based on kernel 2.6.8. This means that it doesn't support the SATA controller in my new laptop. What I really should do is make a version of the debian-installer with the latest kernel on it and release it so that others can enjoy the hotness, but I'm a lazy bastard.

My solution is to use Knoppix and debootstrap. This allows me to use the shiny new kernel already built into the latest Knoppix CD without doing very much work at all.

I know, y'all have probably discovered and squeezed every ounce of hotness out of this idea already. I'm still entertained.

Sat, 11 Jun 2005
exceeding lowered expectations

Dell reported to me when I ordered my machine that it would probably ship on or around Monday, June 13. You can imagine my surprise when I found it shipped on Wednesday—and it actually arrived in time for the weekend!

All silver linings have a cloud, though. The cloud in my case is the fact that Dell computers no longer come with an OS install CD. Instead, they have a "restore" partition that will re-image your hard drive. Fuck that—I want to be able to dual-boot. I called them up and talked to "Sam" (no, really, that's what he told me his name was), and convinced him to send me the system restore CD set.

I guess I can't worry about wiping and reinstalling until they get here, so in the meantime I'm going to "enjoy" my hot new Windows XP machine. My god Windows sucks my ass.

I'm not all complaints today, though. The NVidia 6800 is a beast of a video card, and this must be the most gorgeous display I've ever seen on any computer, period. This laptop is a fucking MONSTER, no doubt about it, but OMGSS!!1!one is it sexy.

Tue, 07 Jun 2005
bitten the MMORPG bug. As if I didn't already get too little sleep, I'm now playing lots of City of Heroes with Mike, Matt, Cyrus, and the gang. I have to admit, it's addictive as hell.

May, tell them I'm not a loser because I play MMORPGs. You're still playing WoW, right?

Sun, 05 Jun 2005
glutton for punishment (or just a cheap whore?)

Considering how much I've bitched about Dell in the past, you'd think that I would never purchase another Dell product as long as I live. The problem is, my desire to optimize my monetary expenditures kind of overrides my desire not to deal with "Dan" in Delhi.

Check it out: Dell has a promotion going on right now where you can get $750 off of an Inspiron 9300 (that's the beastly desktop replacement with a 17-inch screen). It's a gorilla of a machine (both power- and size-wise), and it can be had for about $1400. Compare that to $2600 for an IBM in a not-really-comparable configuration, and you see the problem.

When it gets here I'll let you know how I like it.

BTW, what should it be called? wahboid-monstrosity, perhaps?